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August 28, 2017

Project Management

Contractors, Need help figuring your Man-Load on a project?
Give us a try, at Charter Estimating we use formulas that will take the stress out of estimating and allocation of man power. Learn how to correctly man load your projects to increase profits and lower your overhead!

Average Man-Loading
• Number of estimated man-hours 2,910
• Number of hours in a work day 8
• Number of work days in one month 20
• Number of months in contract 6
• 2910 (total hours) / 8 (hours in 1 day) = 364 work days
• It will take one man 364 days to complete the contract.
• The contract says the job shall be completed in 6 months.
• 6 (months) x 20 (work days in 1 month) = 120 contract days.
• 364 (days for 1 man) / 120 (contract days) = 3 men
• The average man-load will be three men.


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