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February 23, 2022

Electrical Estimating and Technology

Today, electrical estimators need to make use of available technology to offer customers the very best in estimating services. When a skilled estimating team is readily available online, it can be accessed by professionals across industries, and across the country. An online model makes it easy to reach electrical contractors in need where they live online. From forums and social media channels, to respected industry-specific outlets, professional networks are less limited online. And advances in ethical but targeted data use allow estimators to direct their services efficiently, saving time and resources for themselves and their customers and allowing for a quick pivot if need be.

It is also far more efficient to utilize digital models and records when working up estimates for electrical jobs. No matter the size or scope, working with data that is available instantaneously is a sure-fire way to keep costs down and productivity up. Beyond the time-saving and ease-of-use factors, working and connecting digitally is a far less wasteful way to communicate and share information, especially if a particular estimate requires frequent updating.

Embracing digital communication and platforms means that electrical estimators aren’t limited in what they can devise, plan, and in turn share with clients to give strong visual representation to ideas. It makes it easier and more practical to share quotes generated using state-of-the-art estimating software. That’s especially important if a client’s project is experiencing time constraints.

At Charter Estimating, our goal is to exceed your electrical estimating expectations. That’s why we’ve taken our own advice and implemented all the above suggested ways for electrical estimators to make the most of technology and the services they offer. At the same time, we simplify the process for our clients. After we receive your digital job plans, we get right to work. Our pros will then provide you with a comprehensive estimate for every aspect of the project along with a quote. Following your approval, we review terms and address questions.

Once these few steps are completed, you’ll have immediate access to all the information that you’ll need to bid a project. Working with the pros at Charter Estimating, you can be sure that we’ll provide you with both long-term and short-term estimating solutions for your project, no matter where you are in the US. We can offer this unmatched, personalized service thanks to our embrace of digital technology. We've been putting your schedule, needs, and budget first since day one. Get in touch with Charter Estimating today to learn more about us or to discuss your upcoming project.