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Who We Are and What We Do

We are a professional electrical estimating company that offers long-term and short-term electrical estimating solutions for electrical contractors around the nation. Whether you are looking for part-time, full-time, or more than one electrical estimator, we are always here to help you further your company's goals.

We have over 300 years of combined experience, and we are at the top of the electrical industry. We have successfully bid hundreds of electrical projects ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to over several million dollars. We have vast experience estimating commercial, institutional, civil, industrial, and residential projects in both the private sector and government markets.

Outsourcing electrical estimating is smart business and not something to take lightly. By using Charter Estimating, you can be assured you are hiring some of the best electrical estimators in the business today. Every one of our estimators is a senior estimator, has years of experience, and knows the business inside and out. We strive to be the best and to produce the most attractive, effective, bid-winning electrical estimates possible to put your company in the best possible position to win.

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Our Process

How Our Services Work

Step 1
Send Us Your Plans

Your Plans

  • Select a project from your list of jobs or bid invites
  • Upload plans to our email address or
  • If your plans are over 25 MB please use our Google Drive Link and upload your plans, or simply forward/email us the general contractors bid invite
  • We take care of getting the plans for you or we can provide you with a list of available jobs from your area

Step 2
Choose the Type of Estimating Services Needed

Material & Labor Take-Off

  • We provide you with fixture and gear counts
  • Next, labor hours for each item are calculated
  • Material pricing on each item is finalized
  • We provide a professional bid proposal with inclusions sheet (optional)
  • Finally, you finish the bid and submit it to GC

Complete Estimating Services

Charter provides you with a complete electrical estimate

  1. First, we contact all the GC's bidding the project
  2. Second, we call and build relationships with GC's representing your company
  3. Third, we submit material counts for quoted items to your vendors
  4. Fourth, we review and closeout the complete bid with your company
  5. Fifth, we submit your estimate to bidding GC's and negotiate the win for your company
  6. Sixth, we call for bid results and track estimate progress

Step 3
We Provide You with a Free Quote

We Quote You the Hours

  • First, we quote you the amount of hours to complete the estimate based on the project and services you selected

You Approve the Quote

  • Next, after reviewing and approving the hours quoted to complete the estimate, we go over the terms of the services you selected and answer any questions
  • We start the estimating process
Check off the boxes Blueprints with tools scattered over them Two estimators looking over blueprints Your Success is Our Goal! sign
  • We have used Charter for a few months now. They always do a great job, really like the format the estimates come in. Easy to read and understand and make necessary changes. The estimates are accurate and never have any problems getting the projects ahead of time so I can be ready for bid day.

    Chuck Kennedy

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Get a Quick Quote for Your Next Construction Project

Using state-of-the-art estimating software, Charter Estimating generates quotes based on the blueprint of your project plan. We understand your project may be under a time crunch. If so, please send us your plan via email and we will provide an electrical estimate quickly.

No matter where you are building, our team is available to assist you in your time of need. We offer electrical estimates for electrical projects all over the United States. We can also provide the forms and services to launch your next project. Our team can handle the scheduling and billing details to ensure that everything stays on track to meet your deadlines.

We also protect your investments through change order tracking, cost tracking, and Request for Information (RFI) tracking.

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Electrical Estimating Services

Electrical Estimating Services

Providing professional electrical estimating, offering nationwide solutions, assisting contractors to further their goals.

Low Voltage

Low Voltage

Our team of well qualified estimators have the knowledge and skills to take on any projects that require low voltage systems.

Preconstruction Services

Preconstruction Services

Charter Estimating is here to provide Preconstruction Cost Estimating Services for your design team to help you make essential costing decisions.

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