Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do Your Electrical Estimating Services Work?

A: Here is a brief overview of our services:

  1. We receive your plans via email or Google Drive link provided.
  2. We count all the quoted materials.
  3. We forward the quoted materials to your suppliers.
  4. We complete the takeoff and add your suppliers quotes to complete bid.

Q: How Can I Provide You With The Plans?

A: You can send them via email or the Google Drive link provided on our site.

Q: Can You Do All Of My Electrical Estimating?

A: We have a complete electrical estimating department. Our goal is to support your estimating needs, whether it's maintaining your current work levels or growing your business.

Q: Will I Be Able To Afford Your Services?

A: Our services are less than half of the cost of a full time electrical estimator, which means we are able to save you money while growing your business.

Q: How Much Time Do You Need To Complete a Bid?

A: The more time, the better, but don't turn down another job before you call us!

Q: What If I Use Another Estimating Software Program?

A: Even if the other programs are different, Vision EBM estimates can be broken down. We also have Conest and other bidding software programs to match your current system. The estimate can also be exported to Excel or other spreadsheet programs for changes.

Q: Where Do You Get Your Pricing For Materials And Labor?

A: We use the latest version of EBM™ (Electrical Bid Manager). We have an internal data base (Epic) which we subscribe to that provides pricing for your area and around the nation. We will also use prices from your supplier upon request.

Q: Would You Ever Provide The Same Estimate To Other Contractors?

A: NEVER! The President of Charter Estimating Inc. requires that we have extremely high standards and practice good business ethics. We understand the gravity of doing something as unethical as giving out your information to others. That is something we would never engage in.

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