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February 23, 2022


Electrical Estimating And Technology

In order to give customers top-notch service in electrical estimating, an estimator needs to utilize modern technology. Think about it: a highly skilled estimating team is easily accessible online, enabling it to be accessed by professionals across the country, even different industries! A tool such as an online model makes reaching electrical contractors in need not only possible but fast and easy. Professional networks become less limited by making use of forums and social media channels, even respected industry-specific outlets when appropriate. The good news is there have been major advances in effective data use, which allows an estimator to target their services in a more efficient way. This saves everyone time and resources and allows for curveballs in the process when necessary.

Something else to consider is that using digital models and records to create estimates for electrical jobs is much more efficient.  Working with data that is instantly available to view is a guaranteed method to lower costs and increase productivity, regardless of the size or scope of the work. Above all, working and staying connected digitally wastes less time. We are able to share information and ask and answer questions quickly, which is quite useful in the event that an estimate calls for frequent updates.

When electrical estimators embrace digital platforms, they broaden the possibilities in what they can devise and share with clients. An electrical estimator who can give strong visual representation to ideas, it becomes more practical to share quotes generated with advanced estimating software. If a client is working on a project that's under time constraints, this will be especially valuable.

The goal of Charter Estimating is to surpass your electrical estimating expectations, which is why we've applied our own advice and implemented all the above suggestions in an effort to help electrical estimators maximize technology use within their offered services. We simplify the process for our clients by getting right to work as soon as we receive your digital plans, after which our pros will give you a comprehensive estimate for each part of the project and a detailed quote. Once we receive your approval, we take the opportunity to review terms and answer any questions the client has.

When the above steps are completed, the client immediately has access to any information needed to bid a project. When you work with the pros at Charter Estimating, you don't have to worry that we will provide you with what you'll need. No matter where you are in the US, we will supply both long-term and short term estimating solutions for your project. Thanks to our utilization of digital technology, we are able to offer this personalized service that you will find is unmatched by competitors. Making your needs, schedule, and budget our priority is what we've been doing since Day One. Get in touch with Charter Estimating today to learn more about us or to discuss your upcoming project.

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