• Scott with Bi-State Electric-I own an electrical contracting business and we needed a price for a project and needed it fast. We called Charter Estimating Services, they are a great resource to use on estimating electrical projects. They are very dependable ,affordable and always on time. I never have to worry again about losing a profitable project due to time constraints. Thanks Charter!

    Scott Akins
  • We are a small electrical company and were desperately in need of an electrical estimator. We tried hiring someone locally to do our estimating but we just couldn't find anyone we could depend on so we called Charter Estimating. From start to finish they were great. We now use them full time and we couldn't be happier. Paul at Charter Estimating is super nice, professional and always available. We recommend them highly.

    Christian Lind
  • We needed a cost to build a very large multimillion dollar apartment complex and we did not know where to go. We found Charter Estimating online, called and Paul answered the phone. He was very professional took immediate action, got the plans quoted us a price and worked throughout the weekend (Easter Weekend)and got the project done on time to meet the bid date deadline. Very impressed with the quick personal service at Charter Estimating. Paul did a fantastic job and we were able to get a contract for the project and are looking forward to using them again. We would recommend Charter Estimating for anyone looking for a professional electrical estimating service you can trust.

    James Stasi
  • Charter Estimating is the best. I tried other estimating companies and the personal service is just not there..Charter Estimating has the Best customer service not only that they are affordable. When I need them they are always available. When I needed a job completed in a hurry they took care of business and that's so important when a small company like mine is trying to compete. We don't have very much experience in estimating and esp. these large projects and so we use Charter Estimating. Great place to go if you want to grow your electrical business! Need a good electrical estimator Call these guys!

    Steve Ashcroft
  • We are very impressed with Charter Estimating. We use these guys full time. We went from barely getting work to booming overnight! Paul is great, he is always available and does a great job. Never had an issue, always on time and very professional. Highly recommend!

    Tim DeBarros
  • We are new at electrical contracting so I used Charter Estimating to estimate the electrical for a new commercial project. Paul did a great job. We got the contract from the GC for the job and look forward to working with Paul and Charter Estimating again. Would recommend Thanks Paul!

    Jerrus Owen
  • We use Charter Estimating as a full time estimator for our company. We needed to take our company to the next level and needed an experienced estimator for the larger projects. They do a great job on all of the projects large or small. Estimates always on time, very detailed and accurate. Would recommend them to anyone.

    Mike Kilpatrick
  • Paul is a great guy. Paul w/ Charter Estimating took really good care of me when I needed an estimate done in a hurry. The project was huge and way more than I could handle but Charter got it done and I couldn't be happier. The GC said the numbers where right where they needed to be and so my crew will be back to work. Thanks Paul

    James Horn
  • Charter Estimating is a great place to go for electrical estimating services. They use EBM for one their bidding software programs and that made me feel at ease that we use the same program. Everything was easy to read and understand, Paul was right on time with everything. Great Estimator! Highly Recommend

    John A
  • Great services. These guys are everything they are cracked up to be. Experts in the field. If you are looking to grow your business these guys are pros. Our business is booming thanks to Paul & Charter Estimating. The real deal

    Jason Brown
  • We use Charter Estimating because they win us jobs. They always do a great job. Every job they have done for us is very professional, easy to read and accurate. Couldn't be happier with the service. We highly recommend

    Paul Carver
  • We have used Charter for a few months now. They always do a great job, really like the format the estimates come in. Easy to read and understand and make necessary changes. The estimates are accurate and never have any problems getting the projects ahead of time so I can be ready for bid day.

    Chuck Kennedy
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